Customer Policy

We guarantee:
1. Up-to-date and unbiased information, useful consultancy:
The information about Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that we provide will be as up-to-date, accurate and objective as we can make.We commit to give you the real facts even sometimes they are negative to our travel plan. This will ensure that you may not have any unexpected information or being surprised while traveling with us.If you wish to know specific information, we will try to find it for you.

2. Fast response and punctual
Either  you contact with us through Vietnam or Myanmar offices, we will be on hand everyday to provide information or respond to your queries.Our standard procedure to handle your request is to reply within 12 hours. If your request takes longer time to check services or access different level of information, we will inform you how long it will take.If you send your request in the weekend time, you may have our response in the next Monday, however, we try our best to at least confirm the receiving of our email.If you wish to contact by phone ( mostly phone call will be done from Vietnam), we will be pleased to do that to be sure that your request are well-cared with us.

3. Personalized Services
Our personal tour operator will be indicated to follow your requests. He/she will be tentative to follow all the changes, requests that you may have regardless of how many they will be.This tour operator or our staff will welcome you in Myanmar and other countries upon your arrival to make double check with you for the itinerary and arrange services in the most smooth and effortless way.

4. Fair Price – No Hidden Costs
For full package tours, we apply a standard margin to your agreed itinerary that make sure the prices  are competitive.Our personalized tour operator  will provide you the true fact of services and travel guide so that you will not meet any unexpected extra costs.If you want to visit workshops or commercial outlets, there will be no obligation or pressure for you to buy anything.

5. Compensation if we get it wrong
– Hotel booking is the most sensitive problems that we often meet while proceeding your holiday plan arrangement. The number of hotels is limited and it is more difficult to get rooms in high or peak seasons. In case,  the proposed hotel is fully booked, we will find another one which is at least as good as the previous one.- If we fails to deliver part of the agreed contract or tour services, we will reimburse you.

6. Privacy
Your personal information given to us such as full name, email address, home phone, etc… will be used only for correspondence relating to your holiday or tour. Myanmar Tours does not rent or trade your personal information.We will always ask your permission if we would publicize your feedbacks after the trip or make references such as a phone call from our potential customers. You are free to say “ NO”

7. Secured Payment

As our companies are registered under Myanmar Administration Board and Vietnam Administration Board, we guarantee that the payment you have done is secured with our immediate report.Once the money comes to our bank account, we will send you the invoice to let you know that it is transferred.In case, you cancelled the tour as a result of circumstances beyond our control, such as cancellation or postponement resulting from government action or policy, war, civil unrest or natural disasters, we will refund the deposit you made with us immediately.