Patong Night Food Market


Phuket island in Thailand is famous by its splendid beaches and amazing landscapes, by its unique atmosphere and by the nice smiles of hospitable Thai people! During December 2014, we lived on Patong, Phuket. We were in many different restaurants and cafes on Patong. Here you can find cuisines of many countries, but also Patong is interesting because of its chip tasty snacks and delicious meals at every turn on the streets. (There are no any problems with food in all Thailand, actually).

Patong night food market

I want to tell you about my favorite place to buy a food for dinner – about Patong night food market. On this market, every evening, after the sunset, you can buy delectable take-away healthy food of national Thai cuisine for cheapest prices. Here you can buy: fresh fruits, local meals, sweets, fresh seafood, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, BBQ, many varieties of grilled fish and many other goodies.

On this market I’ve tried grilled crocodile meat. Crocodile meat has an especial taste – it tastes like chicken with some fish. I don’t know how to describe the taste – you need to try it yourself. It’s very dainty.

Only for 20 baht (about 70cents) you can try a sweet boiled corn and for 25 baht (about 80cents) you can buy grilled one. Both, are very tasty.

Any of these fruits (on the photo below) can become your juice just for 25-30 Baht(1$). You can choose any mixes you desire and girl with blender will make you a tasty and healthy cocktail. I adore this fruit mixes. Especially, I like a sapodilla with a mango.

Thai Pancakes with a diversity of sweet fillings, are very delicious. The Patong Night food market is a paradise for sweet-teeth: amazing coconut candies and cakes, variety of donuts and muffins and lots of nice little sweets.

Thai sushi…— that’s something special, they are neither rolls which we eat at home in our western countries, no Japanese rolls. Thai sushi chefs make it by their own Thai way, but they are very tasty! All varieties of ingredients are fresh. On Patong Night Food Market you can try rolls: with shrimps, with small octopus, with different fish, with mussels, etc. These rolls are very cheap – just 7-10 baht for one (25-30 cents).

If you like seafood, like I do – you will be very impressed by the variety of shrimps, fish, crabs, octopus, mussels, lobsters, fresh oysters, etc. Everything is fresh and much cheaper than in cafe or restaurant.

This green mussels are delicious!! Try it, and you will not regret!

I wish you delicious dinners, and Bon appetite!