Things to do in Bangkok


Things to do in Bangkok – Bangkok – is a kind, interesting and unique. Visit it beyond all doubt. There really is something to see. Bangkok attractions draw tourists from around the world. That is not surprising, in Bangkok quite a lot to see and do.

Most of the attractions of Bangkok located within the island of Rattanakosin, also called the old city. They are close to each other, and it is possible to bypass them all on foot.

10 Most Basic & Interesting Things To Do in Bangkok

I offer you 10 simple things to do in Bangkok to learn a little Istria, culture and traditions of Thailand. Of course, Bangkok – Thailand is not the whole, but only the capital, but in Bangkok has many attractions that are a must visit.

1. Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)

This palace complex consists of many temples and palaces , is the main cult temple of Bangkok.

The palace complex was built in 1782 and is not only the actual royal residence, but also the location of many government offices. Of course, the royal residence , and offices are not accessible to tourists, but the most beautiful and interesting part of the complex is open to tourists for a fee.

Open for viewing several palaces and throne rooms that are used for the reception of the royal family of ambassadors and foreign delegations, many temples and shrines. For a full acquaintance with the “Royal Palace ” you need at least half a day.

One of the special attractions of the Royal Palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha – the most revered statues of Buddha in Thailand.

2. Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

Close to the Royal Palace you can find the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) – one of the oldest temples of the Kingdom, and the largest in Bangkok, built in the 1688-1703.

Here is the famous 46 -meter-high gilded statue of a reclining Buddha. It symbolizes the wait state of transition from the world of the Buddha into nirvana – absolute peace of immortality.

The feet of the statue encrusted with pearls, displaying the 108 auspicious signs of the Buddha. There are also holds ancient stone plates with recipes treatment of various diseases, methods of massage and meditation.

On the territory of the temple complex of chapels and many pagodas. Around the reclining Buddha installed along the walls of the temple 108 bronze vessels.

According to one legend, if you throw in each of them at least one coin, you can get a better rebirth and success in this life. On the other – by throwing a coin into each vessel to make a wish, if you throw a coin into all vessels, all wishes come true. By the way, the coins can be bought here in the temple, for a token 20 Baht.

3. Baiyoke Sky Hotel

This skyscraper hotel, situated in the central area of Bangkok – Pratunam. It is the tallest building in Thailand, the tallest hotel in Asia and the third highest hotel in the world. Building height – 304 meters, 84 floors. On the 77th floor there is a public observatory.

It is interesting that from the observation deck on the top floor offering spectacular panoramic views of Bangkok, and getting there can be anyone, buying a ticket on the first floor of the building at the checkout.

It is best to go up there for twenty minutes before sunset, watch the sunset and watch the night lights flare up in Bangkok. The view is awesome.

Admission: is 400 Baht and this price includes a free drink at any bar on the 83rd floor. However, if you stay at this hotel at least one night, you can get to the top for free.

It is very reasonable, considering that for two persons you still have to pay 800 Baht, and a double room when booking through the Internet costs about 2,000 Baht.

4. Marble Temple (Wat Benchamabophit)

This is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. Although it’s called the ” Marble Temple”, literally translated name sounds like “Temple of King Rama V», by order of which it was built in 1899.

At the base of the main statue of the Buddha temple that King was bricked up his ashes.

As the name implies, a large part of the temple is built of marble.

The temple is also interesting in that it is one of the newest churches and combines modern European style with traditional Thai architecture.

Admission: free admission.

5. The ancient city (Muang Boran)

This is a huge park that repeats the contour to the shape of Thailand. The park is more fruitful than a hundred copies of the historic buildings of Thailand (the originals of many of which have already been destroyed ), part of which was built in full size.

You can navigate through the temple on a bicycle, which are free of charge when purchasing tickets.

The main purpose of the park – to explore the history and culture of the country and therefore the park is full of Thai children, so that they get acquainted with the history as a kind of lesson in the fresh air.

Is if highly recommend to visit this place, but it is necessary to allocate a full day excursion.

6. The Museum of Medicine (Siriraj Medical Museum)

This museum was named the magazine Times most unusual museum in the world . This is not surprising, because the museum has its own “popular” name – Museum of Death.

Despite the fact that the museum is intended primarily for medical students, it is open for everyone. The museum itself is, as it were of the six exhibitions, the most interesting of which is for the man in the street is a Forensic Medicine Museum.

But it is necessary to warn that the species exhibits in the museum will stand not everywhere. In the windows of the judiciary of the exhibition – presents the real murder weapon, the damaged parts of the body, etc.

7. Erawan Shrine

This is one of the most important places of pilgrimage and worship in Bangkok, despite his unimposing size.

The shrine consists of a 4-faces statue of Brahma, the Hindu god. Every day a lot of people come to this place, there are often arranged dance shows and singing.

The statue was installed in 1956 during the construction of the hotel Erawan Hotel, to avert failure in its construction, which took place at an early stage.

After installing the statues of all the troubles are over and the hotel has successfully completed. But in 2006, a local resident, supposedly mad, smashed the statue with a hammer, after which he was beaten to death by the raging crowd.

On the same day in an incredibly short period of gold, bronze statues and pieces of old has been made new statue and set in place just at the time when the sun is directly above the statue.

8. The Boat tour on the Bangkok’s Cghanals

One of the many simple things to do in Bangkok – The Boat tour of the Bangkok’s Canals. You can make it to see Bangkok from the “inside”: look at the fine wool (temples) with water, slums and skyscrapers, wealth and poverty, see Bangkok as if from the outside.

This is very interesting. Of course, nobody will show you most real slums, and it is not terrible, there is nothing to look at.

Basically, all the boats leave from the main pier Saphan Taksin. You can reach it by taxi or BTS to the eponymous station. The second option, of course, will be cheaper.

9. Things to do in Bangkok: Chatuchak Market

Shopping in Bangkok is pretty cool. Luxury shopping malls and luxury boutiques are pleased with the variety and choice . But if you want a bit of Thai flavor, then your direct route to the Chatuchak Market – the most popular market, both among locals and tourists alike.

And this is no wonder! A huge area for about 8,000 stalls where you can buy just about anything! Starting from products hand made, ending with antiques and works of art.

Clothing, footwear, kitchenware, household goods and decorations, toys, kittens and puppies, Thai cosmetics and souvenirs.

The market is only open on weekends, and is remarkable in that it is big, colorful and cheap.

To get to the market simply can be reached by BTS Mo Chit station or MRT station Chatuchak or Kamphaeng Phet, well, or take a taxi.

10. Things to do in Bangkok: Siam Ocean World

The largest aquarium in Southeast Asia – the Siam Ocean World is located on the lower floor of the shopping center Siam Paragon. In just two levels occupying the shopping center and an area of ​​10,000 square meters of the aquarium is home to over 30,000 fish and aquatic mammals. With these parameters the aquarium easily won the title of attractions in Bangkok.

The aquarium is divided into 7 zones : “Weird and wonderful”, “Open Ocean”, “Deep Reef”, “wet forest”, “Rocky Shore”, “The Living Ocean”, “jellyfish”.

Each zone is decorated in a special way: in the form of a glass tunnel under the aquarium, or rocks with live penguins on them, as fishbowls or a glass wall. Upstairs is the biggest aquarium, you can ride on a glass bottom boat.

In the aquarium, live amazing creatures such as giant blue octopus or spider crab, sea dragons and a few sharks, which swim with scuba diving with an instructor and with a certificate of diver.