Top Things to do in Japan


Known as the land of rising sun, Japan has so much to offer for all its visitors. From vibrant cities with rich history to verdant islands and holy temples, Japan is a world class travel destination that is well worth for a life time experience.

Let`s explore to things to do in Japan:

1. Explore Tokyo
The city of where old and new meets, where the traditional is well preserved and the modern technology amazes everyone. Tokyo, often mentioned as one of the most expensive cities in the work, has lively fish market, green city parks.Embark on a ride on the Yamanote line at rush hour or take in some Kabuki (the ‘Japanese Shakespeare’) at the famous Kabuki-za theater, the cheap way – by standing! There’s as much to do at night in Tokyo as by day.

2. Visit Kyoto and its sacred temples
Filled up by some 2,000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, Kyoto is a claimed as World Heritage site. The must see attractions of Kyoto is Golden Pavilion, Kyoto is a city full of life and history. The city is also the home of the Geisha community.3. Bath in a traditional Japanese hot springExperience the way local Japanese enjoy the water with aromatic air. An integral part of Japanese life, the springs are enjoyed by young and old, tourists and locals alike.

4. Watch a sumo wrestling match
This famous entertainment happens nowhere else but Japan.  There’s more to sumo wrestling than two overweight men in nappies attempting to throw each other out of a ring– sumo wrestling is an incredibly ritualistic, strategic and traditional Japanese martial art.

5. Outdoors in Hokkaido 
There are different activities that you can enjoy in this stunning volcanic island including skiing, rafting, canoeing, snowboarding, whale watching, mountain climbing, fishing and cycling .The city is also rewarded as the world’s leading destination for ice sculptures, and a photographer’s dream.